Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection

New Brand Creation

The launch of a revolutionary new antimicrobial nano technology surface coating provided a fantastic opportunity for Yella Marketing to assist in the development of a new brand. Yella cleverly chose the name Cicada because of it’s links to the antibacterial properties of the wings of the Cicada insect. The colour palette chosen purposely reflects a clean and clinical identity. All brand positioning statements and product definitions manifested through a ‘workshop’ approach and all supplementary marketing materials have been created with strict adherence to the Cicada Brand Guidelines created as part of the project.

Client: Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection
Services: Branding, Website Design & Development

“Sean invoked a really insightful thought process in helping us define our new branding. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome and our suite of marketing materials are both effective and position our business very well. I would highly recommend Yella Marketing.”

Noel Parkinson Director - Cicada