Nexus Solutions

Nexus Solutions are a leading supplier of wash solutions and furniture into the healthcare sector. The business has recently re-branded and needed to create a new website, sales materials and other branded elements including business cards. Nexus approached Yella Marketing to assist them with the development of their new brand identity and to create their marketing materials. Through a process of weekly workshops we developed their brand positioning and product range messaging and customer feedback has been incredibly positive.

The Car Buying Hub

The Car Buying Hub is a new business set up to capitalise on the increasing sales of used cars online. Yella Marketing worked in partnership with Green Ginger Digital to develop a new brand, website and design a digital marketing programme to drive traffic to The Car Buying Hub website.

Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB)

Yella Marketing worked with MAB to devise a campaign to attract new mortgage advisors to join the MAB team. The campaign design process started with in-depth focus groups with key personnel in the MAB team to understand ‘why’ a prospective new employee would join MAB. A value proposition was created, and a campaign designed including video testimonials, case studies and social media adverts.

NR Burnett

NR Burnett are 80 years old and are an established and well respected trade seller of timber products in East Yorkshire. Yella Marketing are currently working in partnership with Green Ginger Digital and the NR Burnett team to help the business attract new retail customers through an innovative digital marketing programme. The marketing programme encompasses PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Development and detailed analytics to continuously drive online sales.

Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection

The launch of a revolutionary new antimicrobial nano technology surface coating provided a fantastic opportunity for Yella Marketing to assist in the development of a new brand. Yella cleverly chose the name Cicada because of it’s links to the antibacterial properties of the wings of the Cicada insect. The colour palette chosen purposely reflects a clean and clinical identity. All brand positioning statements and product definitions manifested through a ‘workshop’ approach and all supplementary marketing materials have been created with strict adherence to the Cicada Brand Guidelines created as part of the project.